Cause Marketing Strategies for Building Loyalty and Trust with Consumers

Research shows that a growing number of consumers are more likely to support companies that aren’t just out to make a profit, but are a force for good. With the right understanding and strategies, marketers can lead the charge for companies to play a role in addressing societal issues while building loyalty and trust with current and potential customers.

Amy Smith, Chief Strategy and Impact Officer for TOMS, joins Gina Davis, President of non-profit foundation Ticket to Dream for an important conversation about cause marketing, and how you can make it a win-win for your company.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify and implement cause marketing strategies that align with your brand values and can lead to growth, loyalty and trust with consumers
  • Create campaigns and content that resonate with socially-aware audiences
  • Avoid pitfalls of cause marketing and ensure your efforts are authentic and well-received